Meet Us

Nicole - Lead Planner + Designer


Thank you for stopping by! 

I have been planning, organizing and executing events such as birthday parties, baby showers and bridal showers since 2012. I started my journey planning events for family and friends because I have such a passion for it! I love being creative and meeting new people. After curating quite a few successful events the time felt right to finally make event planning and design my career!
My transition to event planning and design was a huge risk as I left a full time job that offered me a regular pay cheque, benefits and a pension! But I wasn’t happy.  I knew in my soul I had to make a change and do something I was not only passionate about but was talented at.  To ensure I am providing my clients the best quality possible I enrolled in Event Planning and Design School. I completed my  certification and I am happy to say I’m an official International Wedding and Event Professional (IWEP).

Fun facts:

  • My previous career was in Law Enforcement ( don’t worry! I’m really sweet) 
  • I planned my own elaborate wedding ( with the help of another fabulous planner) from a different province. 
  • I have traveled extensively all over the world so I am available to plan your event anywhere!   


  • Hard working
  • FUN
  • Budget savvy 
  • I have a great team working with me that I personally hired and love! 
  •  Very passionate


I’m only 5’2 so I may not be able to reach tall things, but my partner Shannon is 5'9 so together we can make anything happen! 

 I look forward to sitting down with you and chatting about your upcoming event. Don’t be shy- contact me!

 Love and great thanks,  Nicole

Shannon- Lead Planner



When Nicole finally made the decision to make event planning her full time career it took me roughly 2 seconds to go all in with her! It was an effortless decision for me because I have had the privilege of watching her work for years creating breathtaking events and pouring her heart into making peoples dreams a reality!
I am here to ensure that every question or concern our clients may have is addressed and that no client ever feels that they are not the number one priority in our business! 

I am also available for month of coordination, venue consultation and any other questions you might have!

Fun Facts:

  • Nicole and I met at the training for our law enforcement careers, two drinks later our lives were changed forever! 
  • I have been by Nicole's side through all of her prior events so believe me when I tell you I know EXACTLY what she would recommend or advise against in any situation.
  • I will do everything in my power to ensure that all of our clients receive the best possible event for the best possible price. 


  • Driven 
  • Hard working
  • Passionate 
  • Committed


If your event involves snakes or sharks I MIGHT not be able to help, thankfully Nicole can jump in on those ones!  

 I cannot wait to help make your wildest dreams come true!
Shannon xo